Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

     Happy Groundhog Day.  It's February 2nd.  Today, some schlub pulls a rodent out of a tree stump in Punxsutawney, PA and spits in its face or something and then announces if there was a shadow. Somehow seeing the shadow or not indicates when the seasons will come. It's one of those ridiculous legends that we hold on to because it lets midwesterners get drunk in the middle of the day morning.
     It was an amusing holiday when I was a kid. While in high school, my brother and his buddies took a trip to Punxsatawney; they were local heroes. (We had little to live for in our Midwestern town.) Maybe it was a bigger deal because global warming wasn't a thing yet, so we really wanted those bitter winters to end. If a damn groundhog would give us the glimmer of hope we needed, we'd take it.
     The luster of the holiday has worn of, but the comedic stylings of Bill Murray never do. I'm pretty sure this is the only movie ever made about Groundhog Day, because it's the only one there needs to be. If there were others, they were burned.  In hell.   


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