Friday, July 19, 2013

The Passage of Time is Hard to Deal With

     It's been almost 4 months! What? I don't even understand what I was doing for almost 4 months. Cool stuff, I'm sure. Stuff that was so cool I didn't think the internet could handle it.
     Truth is, it's the same as it ever was. Well, it's the same and it's always changing and it's the same because it's always changing and there's that parable / adage about never stepping in the same river twice. I've been busy and happy and lazy and sad and all of the emotions people have. But I was scrolling through Oliver and I thought "man, 2011 was a busy year." 2011 was the year with over 200 posts. I posted almost every day. In fact, I remember making a point of it. I would pick a topic every day and I would write something about it--a movie I just saw, a book I read, a guy on the subway, or a word Mary said. I used anything for inspiration and I spun a tale. How fun. And for a brief moment I was nostalgic for it. There are some gems in there. I re-laughed-out-loud at some of them. And I started feeling guilty for not keeping up with it.
     Of course, things were different then. I was in a different city with a different job and a different every thing. It's so easy to come back to this and say "oh, I loved this. I'm going to commit to it again." But let's be honest with ourselves--we're not recommitting to anything. Commitment is tough.
     So I'm not going to lie to you or to myself and say I'm going to start making an effort to write more in Oliver. I'm not. I might wander over sometimes, but I'm not making an effort. I have other new things to put effort into without bringing the past into it.
     Also, the title of this post is a throw back to my admittance that I have real cognitive difficulty with understanding what present moment we're in. If I see an advertisement for an event that takes place in September I have to really hunker down and think about what month it is now and if September is in the future or in the past. It sounds like I'm a moron, but actually, I really super advanced. It's because I'm a time traveler.

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