Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Trips

     I think it's nice to leave a place wanting more. It usually means the visit was just right. I think it's easier to make a quick trip and leave it thinking "that was so nice, I want to do it again" than to do a long trip and think "I need a vacation from this vacation!"  did a quick weekend trip to DC, and it was nice. I'd like to do it again.
     My quick trip was full of meeting up with friends and just hanging out. Visiting a place you used to live is weird. Well, for me, visiting a place I used to live (just 5 month ago) is weird. It's all so very familiar, but pieces of it started to fade away. Someone stopped to ask me where Massachusetts Ave was. I said "Oh yeah, it's ... uh, huh. This isn't it. New Hampshire Ave is that way. It's not north. I guess I don't really know anymore." I was not helpful, and the guy thought I was a little nutso.
     The nice part about visiting a place you used to live is that you can just meet people at places because you know where things are and how to get there (as long as they're not on Massachusetts Ave, apparently). There's no pressure to take in the sights, visit monuments, or experience the local culture. Just going to Chipotle is a very real, viable option. You really just get to visit with your friends in their apartment with their kegerator, and that's very nice.
     Clearly, I'm just trying to say I had a nice weekend. It was very short, but full of laughs and beer. Nice!

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