Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's August

     I hate being that person, but can you believe it's August already? Well sure, because time is passing linearly, the way we all expect. So it's not really that weird. Ok. Fine.
     Have you been watching the Olympics? I haven't, but not because I don't care. I do; I think it's usually pretty fun to get emotionally invested in someone's athletic ability for about 25-minutes at a time. I just haven't been able to work a lot of Olympic watching into my schedule. I did, however, catch about 2-minutes of water polo today--it's weird. There was so much whistle blowing (literally) that I couldn't stand watching it. The sport itself is a more boring version of soccer; that's fine, I was content trying to learn an under-appreciated sport. But all the whistles. What the hell?
     I've caught a few of the other events, but like everyone else, I'm dismayed by the delay and the spoilers. If they make it into a movie though, then I'll watch it.

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