Thursday, July 26, 2012

Power Naps

     Power naps are great, but you have to do them just right. I've read a lot about them, and the gist is that you should nap for about 20 minutes. Don't have a lot of caffeine or sugar for about 2 hours prior to the nap, make the room kinda dark, and your power nap will truly be powerful.
     I've taken two power naps in as many days, and it keeps me going. I should just sleep the requisite 8 hours per night, but who has time for that? I just don't always. But that's where power napping saves me. Also, it makes me feel like a superhero when others are all "oh, it's late, I need to go home and go to bed" and I can say "not me!" And then I don't let on that I power napped earlier because even though I'm currently touting how wonderful they are, talking about them seems weak.
     But seriously, I recommend it. Darken the room. Be pretty tired. Don't down espresso right before you nap. Set a nap timer for 20 minutes. Take off your pants. Lie down. Mmmmm.  It's nice.

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