Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When We're Students

     Ego is a massive thing. A healthy dose of it is important; it helps you get through the day and make confident choices. Too much of it and you're just a douchehat. I've noticed a pretty consistent correlation between the "younger generation" and massive ego. The helicopter parenting method creates a population of individual special snow-flowers who can't hear they're wrong.
    The snow-flower ego can put up walls that I think might be a hindrance when trying to learn something. Because when we're students, I think it's important to consider everything. Even the the possibility that the things that just came out of your mouth are not the most brilliant words to be spoken. Slow down just a little bit. Listen to what others around you are saying. Consider it. It might be right. It might not be, but there's still a chance, and maybe it's kinda right. Or maybe it's just a different point of view you should be aware of. Consider everything. That's all I'm saying.
     Also, we should always be students. So we should always be considering things. And keeping that giant snow-flower ego in check.

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