Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Hot, Right?

     I mean, holy shit, it's hot out. And it's all we're talking about. And it's what I'm going to talk about.
     How do I cool this room down? Do I open a window and put a fan in it? Does that just pull more hot air in along with bugs and other potentially dangerous animals? Do I black out the windows and just lie perfectly still? What will relieve this heat? My roommate bought an air conditioner; I have never been more jealous of him. One, for the forethought, and two, for the means to purchase it. I have a fan that I accidentally stole from a friend while moving 5 years ago. Also, he has apparently cranked the AC so high that is actually cools down the foyer also. It's nice for the 10 seconds I'm standing in the foyer from stepping inside from the sweltering hallway. But then I make the trek down the hall into my room and it's like "POW, YOU CAN'T AFFORD COLD AIR, BITCH."
     Ugh. It's just hot. That's all I have to say about it. My wrists are resting on a blazing hot computer chassis, and it's making me uncomfortable. I mus remain perfectly still.
     Also, it's the humidity.

HEAT UPDATE: Oh My God. It's only the first day of summer and I'm melting. I have a pretty hard rule about not going out in public in shorts; I broke that rule today. I also wore flip-flops. And this fan fucking blows doesn't work.

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