Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Striking a Balance

     There is a very specific balance of arrogance and humility that I work for every day. It is not easy. Sometimes the hubris takes over. You're pretty sure you know what's up and you tell everyone around what that is. You know your shit. You got this. And then sometimes you find out your friends are doing amazing things and you feel a little left out and you shrink back into your shell a little. And then the humility takes over.
     I'm even battling it right now; I've rewritten this post three times. Because at first it I was too full of myself. And then I was too meek. And then I was too bitter, which I realize isn't on the scale between arrogance and humility, but is sometimes a bi-product. A mountain-sized burning-tire-odored skinless-grape-textured bi-product.

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