Friday, June 8, 2012

Slowly but Surely

     Oliver took a two month vacation, and it's taking a bit more prodding to get full on into work mode than was expected. My thoughts have been over taken by coffee and improv, sometimes at the same time. I have Netflix laying on my floor. I don't even know what discs are in the envelopes; it's sad. Unwatched Netflix is my primary indication that I'm just too busy!
     I'm not, of course, actually too busy. There are a lot, a whole lot, of people who are way busier than me. And who handle it much better. I'm just tired and lazy and don't want to pick the Netlfix up from the floor. And I like to sleep. So the Netflix go unwatched for a few days or a week. I'll get to it eventually, because it's in my list of priorities just below eating, sleeping, and improv, but above laundry and grocery shopping. So don't worry about me, I'll get to watching and reviewing movies and TV shows from 5 - 20 years ago soon!
     The 2 month break was somewhat of an experiment. It failed, really. I was experimenting with the idea that putting a pin in Oliver would give me more focus on other things. I beat myself up over not writing enough sketches and scripts, etc. What I failed to recognize is that Oliver was an outlet, and an outlet was good. Oliver is a bit of a conscious for me. Or he's not at all that, because that's a little too out there to say a blog I write is somehow another part of my brain that makes me know the difference between right and wrong. It's not that. I take that back. But he was important to me, so I'm bringing him back.
     I kicked it off with the homage to Best Friends Forever, my new favorite TV show. Hell, it's just my new favorite thing. We've been given six episodes, and I've already watched those 6 at least 5 times. The first Sunday after BFF day, my BFF and I made cinnamon rolls and had a BFF Marathon. It was amazing, and one of the only types of marathons I'd ever participate in.
     So, slowly but surely, Oliver will come back to life. He'll still be just as aimless as ever, because when you keep starting over, that's how your thoughts go--aimless and wandering.
     One other thing: I received the greatest compliment in quite some time the other day and I've been reveling in it ever since. I went to the improv jam on Wednesday night and was called up in a group that my teacher was in. FF to the next class and I said "I went to the jam on Wednesday" and she said "Yeah you did. And you crushed it." So when I feel even a little down, or I almost fall asleep on the train and miss my stop, I just hear her voice say "Yeah you did. And you crushed it." It makes me feel good, because crushing things feels awesome.

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