Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Business Of Living

     Now it's time to move on past the excitement of moving, and get on to the business of living in this new place.  Really, I've accomplished quite a bit, but I would very much like to get rid of this pile of boxes in the middle of my room.  They are the last thing to be put away, and I believe I cannot settle in completely until it is done.  Not only because they're in the way, but also because they're full of books and DVDs, some of the most important things needed for living.
     I ordered bookcases from Ikea just a bit ago in hopes they would be delivered on Sunday.  The store is only a few miles from my place, the items were in stock, blah blah blah.  It all looked so convenient on the screen.  I was wrong.  I suppose in general, a week for delivery isn't very long, but I just cannot do a thing until I get those bookcases.
     I feel just a bit trapped by the cardboard everywhere.  It's an island I have to navigate.  The left over cardboard from the other Ikea items doesn't help much either.  It's a jungle of cardboard in here and I'm a monkey.  Except I'm a sad monkey who can't really figure out how to get through the jungle.  This is not a good metaphor.
    Also, I have many, many things that I need to do.  The biggest one of those things is to just go about life, in a normal way.  I need to do some laundry, make some food, get a job.  You know, normal living type things.  But the cardboard jungle makes this feel temporary, and laundry, food, and jobs are signs of permanence.
     I need to address something else; I've been consumed by this for the last three effing hours--the internet in this apartment is driving me insane.  It's consuming all of my thoughts.  It's amazing how much of my life revolves around the internet.  Nearly 90% of it, I believe.  And I do not know exactly what the problem is (and I am not looking for suggestions), but the connection keeps dropping out even though the signal is strong.  This makes me want to crawl in bed and pretend the world isn't there.  Because if I can't connect to it via internet, it might as well not exist. 

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