Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Secret Halloween Concerts

     I went to the Secret Childish Gambino Halloween show at Brooklyn Bowl.  I like to think this greatly increases my street cred.  I don't actually have any, but if I did, it would be a little higher now. 
     Overall it was a pretty fantastic day. It was my first Monday in New York.  I made a to-do list to stay on task and not make a vacation out of the rest of my life.  I managed to tackle well over 50% of the tasks, and then a magical tweet came through around noon.  Donald Glover announced he was the surprise concert at the Brooklyn Bowl; tickets went on sale at 6. 
     It seemed to me that this was one of the reasons you live in New York.  Because there are secret concerts that just pop up within six miles of your home.  I had happened to be wearing my Childish Gambino T-shirt at the time the announcement was made.  I can't be one of those people, so I changed T-shirts and made it to the Brooklyn Bowl at the perfect time.  I wasn't first in line, but I was also very comfortably in the middle of the line--guaranteed to get a ticket.
     The box office/ticket booth/whatever opened promptly at 6, and by 6:20, I had my ticket.  Doors opened at 6, bu the concert didn't start until 9, and Childish Gambino didn't go on until 10.  I wasn't really close enough to just go back home for a couple of hours, so I explored a bit.  Luckily on that same block was "The Whiskey Brooklyn."  I first went to the wrong door, had a short conversation with a guy named Jonathan trying to sell Whiskey, and then made my way down to the actual bar.  And forsooth, it was happy hour, so I treated myself to a few drinks and a burger. 
     I headed back over to Brooklyn Bowl in an attempt to get the best spot possible for this show.  It was standing room only, and for me, closer is not better.  I was pretty close at the Childish Gambino show at Bonnaroo and I was scared for my life.  I did not want a repeat of that.  Long story short, I nailed it, finding a spot that was close enough to really experience it, but also off to the side to limit the chances of being crushed.
     An amusing bit of trivia is that I have been to two Childish Gambino shows in the last year, yet I only know one of his songs.  And as you may have gathered from the playlist post, his music is not my usual thing.  But I was interested enough in Donald Glover to explore his music.  It's still not really my style, except for the fact that I sort of really love it.  He puts on a great show.  This guy isn't just a rapper, he really is a musician and a performer.  He is probably the only performer I've seen in concert twice having little to no knowledge of his music.  And it was amazing both times. 
     Also, I'm pretty excited to be able to answer "what did you do for Halloween?' with "Oh, I went to secret Childish Gambino concert.  You?"

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