Monday, November 7, 2011

Lost in the Move

     By now, I'm used to losing things in the move.  It seems like an odd phenomenon really.  You put everything you own in boxes, you put those boxes on a truck, you drive to a new city, you unload the boxes, and then you take everything out of the boxes.  Yet somehow, everything doesn't add up.
     This time, I know exactly what happened.  Since I was moving out of the apartment but my roommate was staying, clearly, our things got mixed together and I missed them when packing.  This time, I lost my iron.  I hadn't even realized it until my new roommate asked me if I had one.  It seemed like since I had an ironing board in the closet, I would.  And I agree, that's a damn fine clue as to the ownership of an iron.  But then I realized I had just unpacked every box at no point did I come across my iron.  Blurgh, the iron was lost in the move.
     I consider it a different thing to be lost in the move than to just be lost.  The iron isn't gone.  It didn't fall into the ether.  I actually know where it is, but I'm never getting it back, so therefore it's lost.   I also lost my salt and pepper shakers.  They were Corona bottle salt and pepper shakers that I had stolen gotten from a bar in San Diego.  It's actually amazing I held on to them as long as I did.  I know they're still in that tiny DC kitchen, and I doubt Jordan and Bjorn appreciate them the way I did.
     At the same time, there are things that seemingly did fall into the ether.  These things are still considered lost in the move because how else does an adult lose things like movies and books?  In the move is the only way.  As I start to settle in I start noticing all of the other things that have been lost in the move.
     Modern Family Season 2.  I'm quite certain I bought this and that I had it in DC.  I can picture it on my hutch bookcase thing.  But now it's nowhere.  All of the boxes are empty, season 1 sets on the bookcase with an empty space next to it.  It longs for its partner.
     I've also lost Another Bullshit Night In Suck City.  It's a book I love.  I know I've loaned it out a few times to friends, but I was almost certain I got it back every time.  Nick Flynn's other book, The Ticking Is The Bomb, rests on my shelf alone.  Again, missing its partner. 
     I don't have a categorized list of all of my books and movies or anything.  It's possible I've lost other things in the move and haven't noticed.  But I really miss Modern Family and Another Bullshit Night In Suck City.  I've had The Critic DVD set for years.  I probably wouldn't be that upset if that got lost in the move.  It's a fine show, but I haven't watched it since I bought it in 2004.  In general, I have way too many things.  I've made the joke, more than once, that it would actually help me out if the moving truck were stolen.  But if the truck had been stolen, I could at least use the insurance money to get a new Modern Family DVD set.
     I also wouldn't mind losing these plastic bins I've had for about 11 years.  These were all the rage for storage way back when--11 years ago, I'd guess--and when I made my first move, my mother thought they'd be perfect.  And 11 years ago they were fine.  But now, I can't get rid of them, and I hate them.  I suppose if I had been living in the same house and had a basement and needed to store Christmas decorations, I'd still find them useful.  But now, they have become the bane of my existence.  Now, they just take up space. 
     In the final episode of Friends Monica gives the movers some money and says something about "a little something extra if that falls off the truck."  I've always wanted to be able to do that.  Dear movers, twenty bucks if these plastic bins get lost in the move.

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