Sunday, September 19, 2010

Being Part of the Problem

     I must admit that I stole the tag of “The Decline of Civilization” from Tom. I amended it to “The Decline of Civilization, Nay,” or attempted to anyway, but it was automatically changed into two separate tags. I went with it. Moving on.
    I may be a prime example of this decline. This afternoon, when I returned home from company sponsored bowling, I decided to do a little reading. It took a few minutes to stumble to this conclusion. This was after checking email, Facebook, and then literally, standing in my room looking around for about three solid minutes.
     I considered writing. The computer was on, and a word document was open. I even wrote two sentences. One of those sentences was about a nap. I looked over to the bed and it nearly called to me. I really wanted a nap. But it was 5 in the afternoon, so a nap didn’t seem appropriate. I considered watching a DVD or something on Hulu. That gets pretty involved. I watch DVDs or Hulu on the other computer because the desktop has better speakers. I would need to turn that computer on, find a DVD or Hulu program worthy of nap time space,and there’s bending involved. Just thinking about it made me want a nap even more, so I put a pin in that idea.
     A book! I could read a book. It was possible I would drift off into nap land whilst reading the book, but it seemed like a good compromise. So I pulled out my book, lay on my bed, mostly sitting up, and started reading. Approximately two pages in my phone rang. There was a pirate party, and we needed costumes. The party wasn’t for another three hours, but this needed to be dealt with right away.
     I am not a clothes horse, so normal outfits are hard enough for me to find, let alone putting something together for a pirate party. I even attempted to go with the more topical Somali pirate outfit, but I still have no appropriate clothes for that. I ended up in a blue bandanna and snake earrings. I put on extra eye makeup and extended my r’s when I spoke. Lauri lent me an eye patch.
      Hopefully I’ll get back to reading that book. Probably tomorrow, or the next day. I’ll read a page at a time on my commute to work. I believe reading more will help the world in general. Obviously there are a lot of steps between those two things, but I think the better read we as a population are, the better place the world can become. I want to do my part. I also really wanted to dress up like a pirate.

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