Friday, September 17, 2010

A letter to a guy on the Metro

To the guy who dropped his Gatorade on the red line platform:

     You were walking by me when you dropped your bottle of yellow Gatorade on the platform.  It splattered me some in the face. Since it was only Gatorade I guess I'm not that mad.  I was going to remark, however, that I believe that is why food and drink are prohibited on the Metro. But then, you dug through your duffel bag, pulled out a T-shirt, and dropped it on the ground. You proceeded to wipe up the spilled Gatorade with that T-shirt, using your foot of course, because clearly you're no fool. You probably already know this, but you're gonna have to throw that T-shirt away. I actually feel bad about that. You finished wiping it up and put the T-shirt back in your bag. Seriously, throw it away when you get home.  It's really gross. Then you picked up the bottle and broken cap and walked them back to the trash can. The trash can you had already walked past!  You backtracked!  I couldn't believe it. Then you continued on your way, presumably out to Chinatown, perhaps to Hooters.
     Well sir, color me impressed. Few citizens care enough to behave in the exlamplary manner you did. With more citizens like you, perhaps we can turn this city around.
     It did splash me in the face a little though.

Admirably Yours,

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