Monday, September 20, 2010

The Worst Thing in the World

     I hate grocery shopping.  Loathe it.  It is my least favorite thing to do.  Ever.  Chore is right.  It's a very chorey chore.  The choriest.  And I hate it.
     It's the worst chore in the world.  And it has to be repeated frequently.  Generally weekly.  It makes me hate the world.  It's a crappy errand that requires work, and it only leads to doing more work.  How awful.  It's a horrible vicious circle.  Go to the grocery store, buy food, bring it home, cook food, eat food, go BACK to the grocery store.  Every week, the same thing, over and over.
     There's got to be an easier way.  I do like food, but there are times, if food were available in pill form, I would go for it.  If it would prevent me from having to schlep to the grocery store, battle through the people, pick out the food, pay for the food, schlep it back home, put it away, cook it, eat it, and then stare at the place where it used to be cause me to go back.  Well, if I could avoid all that, bring on the pill.  I would still support actual food still being an option, you know, for emotional eating and when you just need something to do.  And candy.  But if I could get out of grocery shopping, I'd be pretty near the top of the sign up list.
     This isn't over between us, grocery shopping.

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