Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Other Peoples' Thoughts Affect My Thoughts

     If I don't like the tone of the review, I will automatically take the opposite view of the review, regardless of it's merits.  I read a recent review of Glee; it had a positive outlook for what I believe to be complete drivel.  I will now be on the lookout for anything written by that reviewer and assume I will always 100 per cent of the time disagree with them.  Similarly, yet on the opposite side of the spectrum, was a review for the new David Cross book.   The reviewer sort of sets himself up to be better than David Cross.  He believes he is better than bitterness.  He is not.  Therefore, I will never agree with Intern Rusty again.  I have an image of Intern Rusty in my head, and it is not flattering.  I am now fueled to read David Cross's book, and I am going to like it, even if I don't.  But I bet I will, because I like bitterness.  Only pansies don't like bitterness.  Pansies like Intern Rusty.

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