Thursday, September 16, 2010

I enjoy naming things.

    I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now.  Should I or shouldn’t I start a blog?  I polled my friends and it was pretty unanimous:  all three of them said “If you want, sure.”  So here we go!
    I took the first step and signed up for blogger.  Within those first few steps was the “name your blog” blank.  And that’s what my mind did.  It went blank.  I’ve seen blogs that are generally named after their primary focus.  It makes sense, and is a good way to go.  I currently have no primary focus.  Which many see as my primary problem.  The blog isn’t about writing, or rocket scientry, or grammar, or movies, or television.  It might be about all of those things.  But I couldn’t 
    1. Cram all of those words onto the heading, or
    2. Think of a word that would encompass all those things, but would
        a. not make me sound too pretentious, and
        b. still allow me to wander outside of those topics as well. 
I was staring at the blank for a bit and I asked my friend Mary “Can I name it Oliver?”
    “Yes.  You can.”
    So, my blog is named Oliver William Melchert.  You can call it Oli for short.  If I ever have a son, he’ll have to share his name with my blog.  I apologize in advance, future son. 

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