Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Fox, Mr. Nielson, and Congress-Person:

How do I get a Nielson box?

First, I'm surprised they're even still relevant.  And second, I want one.

Too many awesome things are taken off the air and too many shitty things are left on the air because I don't have a Nielson box.  Either I need to get one, or there needs to be a write in portion for the ratings.

I did a little bit of research and it turns out you have to randomly selected to become a Nielson family.  They say it's completely random, and that it is so random, they can't even tell you how you might be chosen.  This seems suspect to me.  It makes a mind like mine wander off to conspiracy land.

I want to join in the campaign to save Running Wilde.  I've loved Mitchell Hurwitz since he was writing on The Golden Girls. Some of the best episodes were penned by Hurwitz. I actually wrote a paper in grad school about him, and I got an A on it.  He keeps getting cut short, like in The Ellen Show,  and I think it's because the right people don't have Nielson boxes. I also think Will Arnett is a comic genius. I'm convinced that if he does something that I don't think is funny, it's my fault for not understanding it.  And James Vallely is probaly pretty neat-o.  The point is, somebody (Fox) needs to know that people (me) want to keep watching this show.  So I am actually going to write a letter.

And now the pressure is on.  According to a reliable source, one letter is equivalent to 10,000 viewers.  I must do those other 9,999 viewers proud.  I must be eloquent, yet concise.  I bet executives hate wordy letters. Something short, sweet and to the point.

Dear Fox,
Please don't cancel Running Wilde.

Hm.  Maybe it needs something more.     

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