Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Dreams May Come

     Each of us dreams.  A lot of us like to talk about our dreams.  And that's where it starts to break down.  What happens when we're sleeping rarely translates through conscious words.  A professor of mine in film school felt that dreams were useless, trite, meaningless drivel and they should never be used to tell a story.  After a four hour discussion lecture, I could see her point, but I thought it a little harsh.
     This morning, something else struck me about dreams and the power they have.  Even when we understand our dreams are just pieces of subconscious all blended up, we still can't help but wonder "whoah, why was that in there?"  I had one of those to-the-core dreams, and it occurred to me just how very personal dreams actually are.
     It was something I wanted to hold on to, but I couldn't quite piece it together.  At the same time, I sort of wanted to let it go, to forget it.  If it did mean something, it might not mean the right things.  And if it didn't have meaning, then what business did it have gettin' all up in my subconscious?


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