Friday, October 29, 2010

Live From New York!

     The Big Apple.  The City That Never Sleeps.  Gotham.  Empire City.  New York, New York.

I've been counting down in anticipation.  I've purchased my round trip bus ticket, organized my play list, and packed my back pack.  I am ready.
     I'm excited about all of it.  The bus ride, the late night arrival, the subway, the purposeful lack of sleep, the early mornings, the walking, the gawking, the drinking, the eating, the drinking, the shopping, the looking, the drinking, the sun, the rain, the ogling, the food, the martinis, the ice skating, the pictures, the tall buildings, the shootings, the muggings, the bars, the music, the hot dogs, the men, the women, the comedy, the drama, the drinking; every last bit of it, you hear me?  I love it all.  In the event of a worst-case scenario, it'll still take place in the greatest city in the world, making it only an inconvenient-case scenario.  If I get shot in the head and left in a gutter, at least I'll be in New York.  Huzzah!
     There are so many wonderful things about New York.  Wikipedia has assembled a list of movies set in New York City, a list of songs about New York City, and a list of television shows set in New York City. On Sports Night, Dan spends most of the episode waxing poetic about the great city; he's having a New York Renaissance. On Mad About You, Paul and Jamie get serenaded on the subway platform.  On Any Show Set In New York City, the characters are doing something awesome in the city. 

     Also, a tip from a source: the bathrooms in the Toys R Us in Times Square are clean.

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