Thursday, October 14, 2010

What I love about Halloween

I love the candy.  That's all.

I prefer clever costumes to all out I-can't-sit-down-in-this-bear-suit costumes.  Although, now that I just mentioned it, a bear suit would be awesome.  Mary, you should go as a bear.

By clever costumes, I mean ones that use irony or are incredibly literal.  Or metaphorical.  Whichever one is actually funnier.  At the last Halloween party I went to, I taped a black box to my back and said I was a refrigerator magnet.   I was actually wearing a T-shirt with an outline of Michigan on it, and we had a Michigan shaped magnet on the fridge.  This helped to seal the deal.

I like Halloween for other people, and I have enjoyed it in the past.  But I'm not up for the fanfare when there's no one else to share it with. I'm not really familiar with my neighborhood yet, but I haven't seen any children, and I haven't seen any decorations on doors. It is still a bit early for it.  I remain cautious.

I'm not crazy about the scary aspect of Halloween.  (Though I do support scary and gory over dressing up like an effing princess.  Unless it's a zombie princess, move on little girl.  No candy for you.)  This is simply because I don't enjoy being scared.  I think it actually makes my heart weaker.  Please don't scare me.  Creepy and gory are ok.  Pranks are cool, as long as they don't actually make me scream and think you might either be dead or trying to kill me.

I once participated in a haunted house where I dressed in all black and hid in a make shift cage.  I was supposed to jump out at people when they walked by.  I remember a young boy and his mother; they genuinely thought the cage was empty and approached it.  They examined it pretty thoroughly while I just waited, luring them in.  I think the little boy pissed himself when I yelled "boo."  I felt an odd mix of pride and shame.

Turns out I'm a pretty mixed bag when it comes to Halloween.  This year, I just want to eat the candy.

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