Thursday, October 28, 2010

There'll Always Be Tomorrow

     Sometimes I put things off with the honest-to-goodness hope that tomorrow will never come.  I've never been overly concerned with the end of the world.  It doesn't seem like something worth worrying about.  Mainly because if it happens, it happens to everyone.  If it were possible for only a fraction of the world to end, then possibly I'd be more concerned.  But not likely.
     I often put of doing my laundry until I simply cannot put it off any longer.  I don't like doing it, and if I wait long enough, there's a chance I'll never have to do it.  I'd rather be dead having not wasted my living time doing laundry than have my last day be spent doing laundry.  The snag in this system is of course, the world doesn't end all that often.
     This theory only applies to chores.  I still make plans for the future.  I plan trips and buy tickets to events way off in the future.  I'm not going to hole myself up in my apartment not living because the world might end.  I'm simply not going to do the laundry right away, because the world might end.
     Also, I don't actually think it's going to end all that soon.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, or a religious nut, or a ... well, I don't even know what, because I am not close to being it.  I just use it as an excuse to choose the fun thing instead of the responsible boring thing.  Also, the excuse is predicated on the fact that the entire world would just end, all at once, so there won't be people rummaging through my things, finding my dirty laundry, and embarrassing me.  Truth be told, I'd be more embarrassed by dirty laundry in my basket and dirty dishes in my sink than I would be by an accidental auto erotic asphyxiation slip-and-fall.
     The point is, whenever I would say "I'll do it tomorrow," my mother would retort with "tomorrow never comes."  She said it as a cautionary tale, but I always looked at it with a hopeful eye.  If indeed tomorrow never comes, then I'll never have to do the laundry, wash the dishes, finish my homework, or do any of the other boring things standing in my way of pure awesomeness.

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