Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Tuesday.

     I used to love Tuesdays.  Just absolutely love them.  There used to be good things happening on Tuesdays, and it was often a good television night.  I would have an awesome class schedule, and lunch with my friends.  I would have candy for dinner, ice cream for dessert, and a puppy would lick me clean.  Not any more.  Today, I wanted to break up with Tuesdays.  It was like Tuesday was in some sort of wormhole, but a bad one, where time moves super super slow.  And nothing at all happened.  And it felt worse than a Monday because the memory of the weekend had already faded.  And it's not as good as a Wednesday, because at least Wednesday is hump day.  I already knew why Monday was bad, and all the other days.  But I thought Tuesday was special.  I mean, really, I used to love Tuesdays.  It really let me down today.    
    I'm going to give Tuesday another chance, but it is on thin ice.
     In other news, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups come in Dark Chocolate now.  It was a delightful surprise when I opened my bad of Halloween candy. I had assumed they were just different wrappers for the holiday.  But alas, different flavors.  I was so happy I almost peed urinated.  That's how I express incredible happiness. 

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