Friday, October 1, 2010

The Pressure of the Weekend

     A few weeks ago, I noted that before I worked in an office Fridays didn't really mean that much to me.  But now that I do, I really really like them.  The reason they didn't mean much to me before is because I usually had to work on the weekends; a slave to the world of food service/retail.  The weekend didn't mean as much.  I didn't get those awesome two days off that you get when you have a grown-ups job.  Not that I was complaining about it (I did complain about it sometimes), but it was just a fact.  The nature of the beast if you will.
     My first week in the office I was basically high on enchantment.  And as the week went on, everyone kept looking forward to it being Friday.  It seemed they truly were working for the weekend.  I observed. 
     A few months have passed and now I totally get it.  It's amazing how quickly the transformation happened.  I love Fridays now.  I totally get it.  I say "Friday" in a hushed tone out of respect.  Waking up on Friday is like waking up on Christmas Eve the Wednesday before Drunkfest.  You know the big day is right around the corner.  Head down and power through, your pool of jello and giant screen TV are at the other end of the tunnel.  Or whatever your fantasy might be. 
     Now what I'm dealing with is the pressure of the weekend.  It's only two days, and I gotta make that jello pool count.  Of course if there really was a jello pool, it would totally count.  That's not the point. Around 1 pm on Friday afternoon I start getting anxious.  What am I going to do with my weekend?  Am I going to stick to the plan?  Will I go grocery shopping and do the laundry and act all grown-uppy?  OR, will I watch every conceivable minute of sitcom reruns and movies I can get my hands while while stuffing myself with carbs and sugar?  Honestly, lately, it's been a healthy combination of both.  Walking that ever narrowing line between adolescence and adulthood.  Adultolescence.
     And there is more to this story, but I just received a text requesting my presence at a party, and I cannot disappoint my fans.  The HIMYM marathon will wait until tomorrow. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean - especially about making the weekend count. During my months of unemployment, I cared not about the weekends at all. Now I don't want to waste them. I try to do my laundry/grocery shopping/other un-funning for, like, Wednesday nights. Weekends are totally happy time. Catch up on Netflixes time. Sleep lots and lots time. After all, Sunday very well may be my fun day.