Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Final Countdown

     One more day!  One more day!  The anticipation is killing me.  Well, it's not really killing me, that would be pretty gruesome.   But I am really excited about my trip to Los Angeles.  The City of Angeles.  Lotusville. 
     I leave the District Friday evening and arrive at LAX around midnight.  Going from east to west, the time change is in my favor.  Mary has promised to take me to the late night taco truck near her house upon arrival.  I'm so excited, I probably won't sleep on the plane.  This only seems remarkable if you're aware of my propensity for sleeping on planes.  And trains.  And buses.  Anything that moves, really. 
     We also have tickets to UCBLA, and there's a Memorial Day BBQ on Monday.  It's already one of the most perfect vacations ever.  I was told there was no sleeping allowed, but I bet that was wrong.  I bet there will be lots of sleeping.  In the streets.  In the perfectly tempered breezy sunlit streets. 
     If I don't make it back at my scheduled time, it's because LA won me over.  I don't actually anticipate this happening, but stranger things have happened.  I have a lot of friends who live there and there's also a chance they'll put chlorophyll on the pillow they let me borrow.  Then I won't be able to leave!  I'll have to get a job at the taco truck and sleep under Mary's bed without her noticing.  What an exciting adventure!
     The excitement of my impending weekend adventure is causing time to slow way the fuck down.  Thursday?  More like This-clock-better-get-a-move-on-day.  Or There's-my-life-creeping-by-me-day.  Or Thirsty-doesn't-begin-to-cover-it-day.  Sheesh.  Come on Thursday, we used to be so tight you and me, help a lady out. 
      I've already packed my suitcase duffel bag; it was an easy task- just a bathing suit and a pair of flip flops.  Oh, and sunglasses.  A four day wardrobe all in a 1 qt plastic baggie!  Security will be a breeze!

Countdown to LA: 1 day!

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