Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday: Monday Part II

     Can you have a case of the Mondays on Tuesday?  Also, apparently it's "a case of the mundays."  I'm not sure how prevalent this spelling is, but I've seen it more than once and in unrelated things, so it must be a thing.  It's a mundane Monday, just like all Mondays, so it's the mundays.  Fine.  I can buy that.
     It seems as though the Mundays are leaking over onto Tuesdays.  If Tuesdays were sweeter, maybe we could call them Tweesdays.  Wouldn't that be fun?  In fact, if you're having a really sweet Tuesday full of singing birds, blooming flowers, rainbows, chocolates, bubble gum, and the type of perfection that kinda makes you a little sick, you should say you have a case of the Tweesdays.  I want to make that a thing. 
     Tootsdays.  That's it, it feels like a case of the tootsdays.  Leftover mundays give you a case of the tootsdays.  All the joy from the weekend has worn off- it seems so long ago.  You can hardly imagine what a weekend feels like, the next one is so far away.  Munday was so difficult to get through that you didn't properly prior plan, so your lunch is just plain and awful.  Half of a chicken breast and strawberry yogurt.  Ugh.  Why not really nail it home and make some dry toast to go with it?  The minutes drag on.  Tick tock.  Tiiiick ... tttttoooooock.  You spend the day tooting along, just waiting for Wednesday.  Wonderful Wednesdays.  When-will-this-day-end-days?  A case of the Whensdays.

Countdown to LA: 3 days!   

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