Thursday, May 5, 2011


     What's the moment when you realize you have adjusted your priorities?  Sometimes this type of thing just happens.  I realized mine had changed sometime between 6:30 this morning and about 10am.  I'm doing my best to not judge myself.
     This morning I woke up in my groggy state not quite sure when the last time I showered was.  And here's the gross part- I decided I didn't care enough to just remedy the situation that take a damn shower.  I figured improv, drinking, and sleep were more important; those three things had taken precedent in my decision making last night and I gave up the idea of showering in favor of them. 
     Then a few hours later the office manager commented on my hair.  She noticed I got it cut and yammered on about not pushing it behind my ear and if I let it fall forward I would look younger.  I said I didn't want to look younger, but she insisted and then came over to me and, well, touched my hair.  She commented that it was soft.  Yes, it is soft, it is also unwashed. 
     I think I have to quit my job now. 

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