Monday, May 2, 2011

Win Win: A Review.

     Win Win is a terrific film.  The guy in front of me cried at the end.  It stars Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, and other people who are properly listed in IMDb if you click that first link.  It had the perfect combination of humor and heart.  I can't think of anything that was actually wrong with it.
I'll put the rest of the review under here, so I won't ruin the movie for anyone.
     The movie opens with Mike (Giamatti) out for a run on a crisp, presumably late fall day. He's trucking along, and then is passed on either side by actual runners. At the same time, his family is sleeping. His daughter is awakened by her light-catcher falling to the ground. She gets up to see it's broken- "Shit" she says. I may be alone on this, but I love a cursing sweet-faced child.
     The movie is set up beautifully, and the story moves along organically, with all of the metaphorical elements of engine, heart, and skeleton they teach in film school.
     Mike gets himself in a situation that seems not so terrible at first, but then as everything starts piling on, he can't get out of it. Although maybe it does seem so terrible. He kind of lies to the judge and also kind of lies to his incapacitated client in order to make an extra $1500 bucks a month. So maybe he's not winning any "most ethical lawyer" awards, but they seemed like little white lies that really weren't going to hurt anyone. The old man had no family! He was rich! Mike needed the money! Mike becomes his guardian to collect the fee and then puts the old man (Leo) in a home anyway, telling Leo it's what the judge ordered. He's not heartless about it though. He really thinks about it. In fact, he's even going to make sure Leo's house is well looked after. He goes over to turn the water off to make sure the pipes don't freeze. Enter Kyle, the troubled teen who has run away from Ohio to enter our hearts.
     Even with all of that spoiler, it's still worth seeing this film. I laughed and I totally understood why the guy in front of me cried a little at the end.

Win Win ends with a heart-warming wash of goodness and righness. See this movie. Skip Fast Five.

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