Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apparently, Satan's Birthday

     Bonnaroo!  Woo!  I'm attending this year's Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, TN.  This is something I was more likely to do when I was younger, but I decided to let loose, throw caution to the wind, be forever young, and all that other cliche stuff people like me say when we pretend we're not old. 
     Also, that's my way of saying that I won't be able to update Oliver for a few days.  I don't know what the IT department at Bonnaroo is like, but I'm guessing minimal at best. 
     I'm planning to do the whole camping, not showering, tent-sleeping, hippie ordeal.  I'm leaning into it.  I will have a good time, even if every fiber of my Midwestern fear-based upbringing being tries to fight it. Eating hot dogs  and drinking beer for four days is good for me.  I'm sure of it. 
     The title of the post is a reference to a ridiculous article put out by *someone* and posted on a crazy Christian website.  I don't know if it's a parody or not.  I'd link it, but if it is real, I don't want to give it any more credence.  All you need to know is they pointed out Bonnaroo is scheduled on the same day as Satan's birthday (nope, that doesn't make sense) and they have histograms predicting the likelihood of "your daughter doing mouth sex."  You know what, fuck it: the article is here:  Bonnaroo - Happy Birthday Satan!  It's actually pretty damn funny.  As long as nobody takes this shit seriously.
     I'll take some pictures - at least 10, and then they'll be up on the One day, Ten photos blog I participate in when I return.  My weekend starts early, with a 10 hour car trip down to Tennessee.  I hope it's as nice as I've heard. 

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