Thursday, June 9, 2011

Driving Through The Night

Leaving after work for a 10 hour drive always seems like a good idea. That's because driving through the night, through the Appalachian Mountains, sun roof open, playlist blaring, eating popcorn, and drinking gas station coffee is fucking awesome. With the right car load you can go seamlessly from Cyndi Lauper to Alabama without missing a beat.
Of course someone is bound to fall asleep, but as long as it's not the driver it's allowed. We pulled into a Days Inn about 60 miles from Manchester for a few hours of sketchy sleep and take the last showers we'd get for four days. We topped off with a Waffle House breakfast and are back on the road, preparing for the massive line that awaits.
Having spent the last several years living on the coast and in cities I forgot what the middle of the country looked like. Huh. There are a lot of trees. Nice.

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