Monday, June 13, 2011

One More From The Road

     Bonnaroo is over. The cars are loaded up and right now we're driving down rural Tennesee roads with corn fields on either side. Also, the cars are air conditioned and it's never felt so good. There was a forecast for thunderstorms, but other than a few drops Friday night there was nothing. It was 100million degrees with 10,000% humidity for four days. All the sunscreen in the world couldn't help me. I used SPF 110 many many times a day but there was no escaping a bit of a burn.
     I spoke too soon about driving through rural Tennesee roads. Everyone else is too, so there's a bit of a jam. As long as they're not all heading to DC, we'll be just fine.
     I'll be sure to do a proper review of Bonnaroo for the rest of the week. I think it requires a decent amount of reflection.

Also, I just wanted to say hi to Mary. "Hi Mary!"

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