Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waffles and Wine

     This morning I stared into my bowl of oatmeal and I thought "I really wish I had some waffles."  Mmmm.  And wine.  Wine would be good.  I'm not sure if they would actually be good together, but I would be willing to find out. 
     It was possibly the alliteration that led me to this conclusion.  Wild Waffle and Wine Wednesdays.  At Wendy's Whistle Stop Cafe.   Line up now venture capitalists, cause this idea is going to take off.  Another less popular combination would be waffles and whine.  That should be a solitary event.
     Waffles and wine could be an anytime meal.  Waffles cover breakfast and brunch, which naturally leads to lunch.  Wine covers dinner and second dinner, possibly even dessert.  Now this is all I can think about.  I don't see how this could be a bad idea.
     First thing I'll need to do is procure a Whistle Stop Cafe.  They can't be that tough to come by.  I imagine you could turn any cafe into a Whistle Stop Cafe if you put some sort of whistle story with it.  Rent out an old caboose and put it in the parking lot- I've seen it done before.  Boom, it's a whistle stop.  Pay some kid $3 to blow on a train whistle toy once an hour and really drive home the authenticity.
     I have a sister named Wendy so I'm pretty confident I can name it after her and be free and clear legally.  I'll even let her work there, behind the counter.  It'll be a fun novelty.  She can have her picture on the menu or something. 
      Next, I need to learn how to make waffles.  I've seen recipes on the sides of Jiffy boxes- you need milk, eggs, oil, and Jiffy mix.  I think that's it.  You get a few waffle irons, boom, waffle shop.  Add whip cream. 
     Next, a liquor license.  File some paperwork, and I think the rest takes care of itself.  Then you just buy a lot of wine.  I'm imagining reds to go with the waffles, but I bet some whites would be nice too.  A nice sparkling Prosecco with strawberry topped waffles.  Yes.  I want that too.
     As a business model, we keep it simple.  Waffles and Wine.  "Can I get eggs benedict and a bud light?"  No.  Waffles and Wine.  That's it.  Maybe after it takes off we could start expanding the menu, but the secret to any successful restaurant is to keep the menu simple.  Make a few things really well.  That's what we'll do at Wendy's Whistle Stop Cafe.
     To be profitable, we'll have to be open on more than just Wednesdays, but I'd still like to maintain the Wild Waffles and Wine Wednesdays theme.  It worked for TGIFriday's; they're open more than just Fridays.  Wednesdays will just be especially wild down at the Whistle Stop.  BYOW, perhaps.  Or Whip your own waffles!   I'm still working out the kinks. 

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