Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Comedian I Like: Tig Notaro.

     I had skimmed over it in my review of Bonnaroo, but if you were really paying attention, you'll remember I went to see Tig Notaro at the comedy tent.  She's hilarious.  She recently did an interview with The Hairpin.   To save you the clicking, it's funny, and also contains this YouTube clip:

I think Tig is hilarious, and I can't wait for her album (Aug 2nd - perfect early birthday present!) and I am working out how to get cable to watch her new show Tig has Friends.
     I admire her style; she does the kind of comedy I can really relate to.  I would be elated to be one of Tig's friends.  At Bonnaroo I noted how she was able to casually go from banter with the audience and her act.  For example, at the beginning of her set there was a thumping bass line from This Tent about 50 yards away.  She worked that into her set saying she had requested it and then asked us all to clap along in rhythm during her show.  Sure, when I type it out it doesn't sound quite as hilarious as it was when you were in the tent.  But trust me, it was.
     She has also make me consider the fact that perhaps I do need to clean myself up a little bit and then reintroduce myself to polite society.  I wrote that sentence fully believing I could find the video of the joke that would help explain it.  I could not.  So now you'll have to scour the internet to find it, or maybe it'll be on her album, and then you'll understand what I mean.  Because I'm not going to tell you.

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