Monday, June 6, 2011

Everybody's Fine: A Review

     I remember seeing a few trailers for this film and it was marketed as a comedy.  It is not.  Everybody's Fine is a drama.  It's heartfelt and real; I identified immensely with its themes.  It's the story of a family trying to figure itself out as a group of adults.
     The film was also very pretty.  It may have been the joy of watching it on my new HDTV, but I was definitely struck by how good it looks.  The shots were beautiful; they were well composed and meaningful to boot. 
     I really liked the movie.  It wasn't perfect, but it was very nice and very sweet.  I went from being half invested at the beginning to bawling my eyes out at the end.  I hate it when movies make me feel!  Damn you Everybody's Fine for making me feel. 
     The family in Everybody's Fine reminded me very much of my own.  I think that's why I liked it more than the average viewer.  I get why we all lie to our families, and then why maybe it wasn't as necessary to lie to them as we thought it was.  And I think that's what the movie was about.  We want to make our parents' proud, and sometimes we lie a little and only tell them the good stuff so they can be proud.  And then they feel like they're good parents because so often all they wanted to be was good parents.  We don't want to let them down and take away the only thing they're trying to be.  So we lie.  But also, whatever we try to be, they'll be proud.  What a conundrum.  Because in the end, everybody's fine. 

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