Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drive. The Music.

     And the music!  Oh, the music in Drive.  Mary has talked about it a few times, here, and here.  She also talked about the sound design in her review, here.  That may legitimately be the first time I've read read a review where someone talks about the sound design.  And in a positive way where the review wasn't fishing for just one good thing to say.
     The thing about sound design is that usually when it's done well, it's not noticed.  But then sometimes, it's done so well, you notice it because you think "man, I was really drawn in, completely.  The sound must have a direct link to my soul."  That was the case here.  The sounds builds and releases the tension beautifully.  Hear that train?  It's a metaphor for longing and fast getaways, and a throwback to old western bank robbers.  If you were in downtown LA, would you ever actually hear a train?  Probably not (my source says no).  But Driver hears it.  Because he knows.  And we hear it, because it's foreshadowing.  Dun-dun-dun-dun. 
     On its own, the music of Drive doesn't fall into the genre I would typically listen to.  But integrated into the film, it's amazing, beautiful, perfect music, and now I want to listen to it all the time.  It grows on you.  Mary has linked to a few of the songs already, so I won't double link, since I assume you've already read those posts I linked to up there.  The soundtrack is great.  It can be your new driving soundtrack.  You too can be a real human, and a real hero.  

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