Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy Wrap Up

     The Modern Family awards.  Sheesh.  I like Modern Family, a lot.  But ALL the awards?  Give someone else a chance.  Well, it didn't get  all the awards, but all the ones it was nominated for, I think.  I was accepting of it winning last year because it was a good show.  This year, though, I think it was overkill.
     It should have been Parks & Rec's year.  It should have been Amy Poehler's year.  And speaking of Amy Poehler, my favorite moment was the hilariously orchestrated Lead Female in a Comedy category.  Rob Lowe called Amy Poehler's name, and she went right up to the stage.  Then, each nominee followed her.  The winner was announced; they all hugged and Melissa McCarthy received a crown and roses.  Amy Poehler put the whole thing together.  She's a comedic genius. 
     I have a few thoughts on Melissa McCarthy's win.  I like her as a person, and as an actor, and maybe she's great on that shit-shit shitty show.  I think she was given the Emmy for her performance in Bridesmaids, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. 
     I thought Jane Lynch did a great job as host.  I've always liked Jane Lynch as a performer.  Again, I just really hate that damn show she's on.  I used to watch it just for her, but it was too much medicine to choke down for a small dose of sugar.  I'm glad she was still just so damn funny, the way she is. 
     I have virtually no opinion on any of the drama categories, but apparently Downton Abby was something to be seen.  From the reactions on Twitter, people were pleased with the winners for all the shows I don't watch.  Except that maybe Martin Scorsese doesn't really need an Emmy, but I don't think they pass them out based on need.

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