Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rides to the Airport

     One of the things I do as a friend is give rides to airports.  That has become more difficult since selling my car last year.  I often offer to ride the Metro with friends on their way to the airport, but they think it's weird and unnecessary.  When someone is coming in to visit, I do meet them at the airport and then Metro to our destination together.  But that's just good manners.  It's not as logistically odd.
     Today, however, I get to fulfill my friendship role.  A friend of mine needs a ride to the airport.  She owns a car, and doesn't want to leave it there.  Huzzah!  I shall drive her car to the airport, drop her off, and then put her car safely in a parking place until her return.  Upon her return, I shall retrieve her car and pick her up from the airport.  Friendship exchange complete!
     It feels good to be a friend.   

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