Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drive. A Review.

     Mind Blowing.
     I spent about 30 minutes after the movie ended just trying to catch my breath and slowing down my pulse.  Drive is an amazing movie; most people should see it.  It is artfully done.  There was a certain care and patience taken with the film that resonates throughout.  Every moment mattered; it was all important.  And it was beautiful.
     Right after it ended I didn't think I'd want to see it again.  It had something to do with that heart racing and short breathing from before.  But then it all started seeping in.
     The tone is immediately set.  And then the film grabs on and does not let go.  It's intense in a similar way that Black Swan was intense, but in an actual watchable way.  It has that lean factor, where you're so drawn in you lean forward on the edge of your seat.  You stop eating your popcorn and sno-caps mixture and just watch.
     Oh yeah, there was some violence.  And it was the good and gory kind too.  But it wasn't out of place, and it wasn't overdone.  Or at least, it wasn't cartoonish.  Maybe it was overdone, but that stemmed from the intensity and fervor and moments of passion from the characters.  Driver was a very composed character.  He was stoic.  He didn't get really bothered.  He didn't say much; he was comfortable living in the silences.  But maybe when... something nice happens...
you're stomping someone's head in, you lose some of your composure you go a little overboard.  And then you watch the girl you really really really like disappear behind those closing elevator doors. And oh those elevator doors. 

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