Friday, September 30, 2011

Drive Part II. A Review.

     There isn't a sequel.  But I did see it again, so I think I should review it again.  I tried to pay closer attention to details that could have gone unnoticed the first time around.  There weren't many, though; I'm pretty perceptive. 
     It is just as intense the second time as it is the first time.  The pacing leads you in.  The sound design builds the tension.  This time around, I saw it with my friend Katie.  She spend a good portion of the latter half of the film in the fetal position with her hands over her eyes.  Still, she enjoyed it. 
     Driver was the lucky one (he had the rabbit's foot key chain); his scorpion jacket was like his superhero cape.  He came from nowhere, he protected those he loved, and then he left.
     It's a good movie to have a discussion about afterwards too.  This also helps calm the nerves and bring your pulse back to its resting rate.  The second viewing helped me notice more of the arc of film, not just in the story, but in the way the actual film was constructed, and the "hero shots" that are mirrored in the beginning and the end, showcasing Driver as the hero; as larger than life.  I think I mentioned it before, but this is clearly a carefully crafted film.   
     Also, Ryan Gosling deserves from props for his ability to never blink.  He does it a few times throughout, and it is intense.  I found myself trying not to blink along with him to see how long he wasn't blinking for, but my eyes started drying out and my contacts almost popped off my eyeballs.
     I actually do love this movie.  I'm not a huge drama fan.  I prefer the comedy; that may be obvious by now.  But I really loved this movie.  And to the asshats who were sitting behind me in the theater, you're wrong.  And clearly you didn't "get what they were trying to do."  Because if you got it, you would see they did it perfectly.  It was not about Driver being psychotic.  He was the damn hero.  Weren't you paying attention?
     I also recommended it to my mother.  And then I followed it up with "actually, you would probably hate it."  But then I went through and described it all to her, scene by scene.  My mother wouldn't get it.  But that's fine.  It's not for her.  Most other people should see it though. 

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