Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buying Scotch

     This is my last week in DC and it is an odd one.  The packing is all done; the move has actually already happened.  I'm still in DC for appearances at this point.  A few great friends have been attempting to squeeze in as much time with me as possible.  I greatly appreciate this gesture, however, the same thing keeps coming up and I don't have an answer--what will you miss most about DC? 
     The real answer is that I'll miss the people who are asking that question.  Of course, that's not what they're talking about.  Where should we go?  What's my favorite happy hour location?  What's my favorite pizza place?  I usually just shrug.  I don't have a favorite place here.  That may in fact have been part of the problem.
     I've been to the Bier Barron twice in the last week--two more times than I've been there in the last year.  But I know it exists so when asked where we should go, it's the first thought I have.  It's a bar that serves a wide selection of beer, so it's good enough for me.  My friends now think it's my favorite place.
     There are a whole slew of things I have not done in DC though.  Someone suggested doing a greatest hits of DC before I go--visit all the monuments and museums one last time.  This would also mean I'd visit them for the first time before I go.  I never bothered going because I figured they'd always be there.  And I think they will be, and if I really get an itch to look at a monument or a museum I could come back, or use the internet to search it.  I'm sorry to say that all of the things DC has to offer just don't interest me.
     While considering all of these wonderful things that wonderful friends wanted to do, I felt compelled to reciprocate in some manner.  A gift of some kind seemed appropriate, to say thanks for being my friend and for putting together this lovely going away party.  You're nice.  I appreciate you.  But what?  Liquor?  Yes, that's always a good idea.
     I wandered into a liquor store near my place.  I enjoy Scotch, therefore I believe everyone should enjoy it.  At the same time, it's a gift, so I'm not going to throw a $15 pint of Johnnie Red at my friend.  It should be something nice, something a little bit special in a pretty bottle.  I had a bottle at home that would be perfect, except I wasn't willing to give that one up--it's for a special occasion to be figured out later.  But it was the right size and the right type to give as a gift.  I found the same brand at the store, but it was the large bottle, and came in at just under $150.  Well my, that is a lovely gift.  I tried to describe what I was looking for to the store attendant, but I came off sounding like a dolt looking for Scotch based on the packaging.  I tried to explain that I knew it came from the Isle of Islay, and it was petey, and that's what I wanted, I just wanted less of it, but it was no use.  I was the girl looking for Scotch based on a pretty bottle, and was too cheap to spring for the good stuff. 
     I left the liquor store defeated.  I'm sure my friend will also enjoy a tall bold coffee.  Thanks, friend.  I appreciate you.  Don't burn your tongue. 

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