Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spotify: A Love Affair.

     I made a playlist yesterday, and it's awesome.  I want to share it with everyone, and I can.  Even better, it was a collaborative playlist.  I gave Mary the general theme of New York City and adventure and she added a whole slew of songs that I would have never considered.  And then with the wonderful "related artist" feature on Spotify, I was able to cultivate even more song selections based on her contributions.  And then I spent about four hours putting the songs in order. 
     I was skeptical at Spotify at first, but I've come around.  I have the premium service, and it is indeed premium.  There have been a few songs I haven't been able to find, even though they claim to have any song you could want, but they still have a hell of a lot of songs.  The feature that allows you to synch the songs from your iTunes library to Spotify playlists is amazing.  Of course, I can never ever get rid of Spotify now.  I'll keep it forever.  Forever ever.  Forever ever.
     The sharing aspect of it is what really puts it over the edge as far as music services go.  If I hear a song that I want Mary to hear, I just drop it on her name in my interface.  When she opens Spotify next, it's there.  I was actually online while she was adding songs to my playlist and they showed up immediately.  I opened the app on my phone and bam!, all the songs were there.  This is amazing to me.  We can share music like we were 12 years old sharing records after school, but we're several thousand miles apart.  Music brings people together.

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