Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Best Part of Halloween

      I almost forgot about the best part of Halloween.  With the move that weekend, the event that is Halloween has fallen off of my radar.  Plus, I'm not a child so there will be no trick-or-treating.  However, this afternoon I moseyed into a CVS and remembered the best part of Halloween-- CANDY! 
     And not just regular candy either.  The kind of candy that you eat way too much of but don't realize you've eaten too much of it until you're already a pound in.  Candy corn, for example.  I won't stop eating it, even after vomiting orange sugary goo.  For some reason, it's totally worth it.  Candy corn should be one of those things that I avoid because of a bad experience in the past, like silver tequila and cranberry margaritas.  It is not.  I keep coming back for more. 
     It's the best time to get candy in fun sizes.  I know they're technically available all year, but not in fun colors and not really.  The ones that are available in April are just left over from Halloween.  This is the best time to get them. 
     Candy is on sale during Halloween!  You can get massive amounts of awesome candy for cheap.  You can spend all of November just inches away from a diabetic coma for less than $20.
     It's only been about 45 minutes since I purchased the bag of candy corn, and I have already eaten too much.  I've tried to pawn the bag off on coworkers, but they don't want it.  They claim it's because they're not 12-years-old.  Hog wash, I say.  Candy corn is for everyone.  I will power through.

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