Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Saturday Night!

    It's not Saturday night, I know.  But reading the blog titles in (reverse) order, you'd see "Live From New York!" followed by "It's Saturday Night."  I was right about how wonderful New York City is.  I had the tiniest glimmer of hope to be able to see SNL, because I love it.  Luckily we walked by Rockefeller Plaza on our way to the hotel and saw a curious group of people lying on the sidewalk.  The guy at the head of the line had scary make-up on and at first I thought perhaps he was waiting for a secret Halloween party.  Then I realized he probably had no idea it was even Halloween, he may have been waiting for days.  The line was long and I hypothesized it would be unforgiving.  We'd be just as happy watching it in the hotel room with a bottle of wine.
     I don't want to over sell it, but it was the most perfect weekend ever.  As I try to sort through the details in my head, they all get squished together into one big ball of happiness.  There was a lot of walking and a decent amount of coffee.  We had breakfast at the type of diner you'd expect only New Yorkers to know about.  Lunch was a slice near Times Square, and dinner was one of the greatest meals ever at a BBQ place downtown. 
     We were in Mid-town, the Village, SoHo, Downtown, and every place in between.  And a few not between those places.  My sense of direction was wrong every single time, but luckily we'd only go a block before we turned around.  They were shooting a movie in our hotel; I was tempted to ask to PA for it, but I'd rather drink through the weekend than work through it.  Someone asked me for directions to Tiffany's- I pointed them in the wrong direction. 
     I wouldn't do anything differently.  But I am definitely going back.  Surely there are more things to buy, more ways to look at the buildings, more food and drink, and just more.  There is so much, and its muchness makes is great. 

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