Monday, January 31, 2011

A Case of The Mondays

     I realize it's an unpopular thing to say, but it's also real.  Today, I have quite the case of the Mondays.  And for me, another aspect of the Mondays is that if Monday morning is bad, I don't have much a shot at the rest of the week.  Yes, this is a defeatist attitude, but I have 31 years of empirical data to back that up.
     I try to start Mondays off right if for no other reason than to offset the inevitable shit week ahead.  But if Monday morning is shit, well then, I should just pack it in now.  I actually woke up not late this morning.  I had a wonderful shower and performed the rest of the morning routine appropriately.   It was nice.  And then came the train.  Pardon the pun, but the train has derailed any possibility of a successful week.
     It was late, and jerky.  I mean that in a physical sense, though I suppose I would also call the train a jerk if I were to assign it personified behaviors.  The trains lateness of course caused my lateness, thereby completely negating waking up not late and everything I had done right earlier in the day.  I could have slept in, taken a Navy shower, and not worn make up, and I would have arrived at the same time.  I feel defeated.  This then leads to a general feeling of the Mondays.  My attention span is that of a gnat on crack, my tolerance for stupidity is dangerously low for the workplace, and I just want to stuff my face with nuts trail mix.
     Also, being late today means I'll be even later tomorrow, and the next day, because that's just how it goes.  It's how it always has gone, and I don't see how it could possibly go any other way.   A bad case of the Mondays leads to the testy Tuesdays, the  worked-up Wednesdays, the ticked-off  Thursdays, and the  finally-it's-fucking Fridays.  Ugh, the Mondays.  

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