Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursdays and Superballs

     I'm just happy it's Thursday.  Thursday is one of my favorite days of the week.  There's the excitement of the impending weekend, without the pressure of kicking off the weekend right.  This Thursday started off great with a snow storm and a 2 hour work delay.  That was nice.  Thursday nights are made for staying in.  I put on my pajamas, make some junk food, and settle in for the night.  In college, Thursdays were the beginning of the weekend.  Not for me.  For me, Thursday has always been a great night for staying in. 
     In college, Thursday night was for Friends, Will&Grace, and ER.  The superball wars began on a Thursday night.  My roommate was going to the library to study.  She asked me to tape (TiVo wasn't invented yet) ER for her.  I unreasonably screamed profanities at her about the audacity of her request.  Of course, I taped it.  But as the closing credits rolled and she wasn't back yet, I began to get ideas.
     For reasons I don't care to go into, we had access to approximately 1000 bouncy superballs.  Clearly, the next logical step was to fill smarty-pants library-going roommate's bed with them.  My other roommate and I layered first roommate's bed- between the mattress and the mattress pad, between the mattress pad and the fitted sheet, between the fitted sheet and the regular sheet, in the pillow cases, and all mixed up within her comforter and blankets.  We tried to wait up for her, but the adrenaline wore off and we went to sleep, giggling. 
     The next morning, other roommate and I were on our way out to our Friday morning workout session.  We peeked in smarty's room- she seemed to be sleeping soundly.  On top of the superballs? we wondered.  Huh.  Who knows.  Fast forward to our return.  Smarty is still sleeping, but we need breakfast, and roomie has a headache.  The medicine cabinet door opens, thuds and screams fill the apartment, and smarty appears in the hallway: "Payback is hell, bitches!"  And so the superball wars were born.
     This Thursday won't be anything like that.  But it will have Community, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock.   And I won't be taping it for anyone.  Except that I TiVo it for myself, and then watch it over and over.   

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