Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I Take Advantage Of

     Mostly, how snow affects people here in the district.  It snowed last night.  And by that I mean a few flakes fell on the ground.  I couldn't actually tell by looking out the window, but the folks on the radio said that's what happened.  And then they listed schools that were opening two hours late.
     I like to take this to mean that I'm allowed to split the difference between getting to work on time and getting there two hours late.  In reality, there is no reason I can't actually make it on time.  When judged against the standards I'm used to- Michigan winter standards, the weather looked like a warm Spring day.  Yes, there were a few flakes.  And yes, it was at that awkward temperature where everything is slushy.  So you wear a coat, and you put some gloves and maybe a hat on, but it's not really cold.  Yep, it's gross out.  That is what a warm Michigan spring day is. 
     But far be it from me to take the storm crisis mode too lightly.  If folks in this area think we need to be on alert, and therefore stay inside and not go to work, then who am I to argue?

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