Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sometimes I Squeak

     I took a vacation from my vacation, and wouldn't you know, I came back sick.  I felt it coming on slowly but steadily.  I tried to ward it off with zinc, and that helped a little, except it really just held it at bay for a few days.  Finally, it got to me.  So here I sit at my desk, my head in a cloud, tissues surrounding me.
     The weird habit I developed over the years is to try to hold in my sneezes.  I don't really know why or when this started, but now, it has become how I sneeze.  It's weird and it hurts.
     Sometimes, the noise that comes out when I sneeze is very much like a squeak.  I get odd looks from those near by.  Sometimes they don't know what it was.  "Was that a sneeze?"  "Did you just squeak?"  Yes and yes.  I can't really control it.
     Being sick is gross.  It makes me feel like a child, but in a bad way.  I become helpless and snotty- like a child.

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