Monday, January 24, 2011

Thursday Night Line Up. A Review.

     Ah, my favorite night of television is back.  I like to watch these shows twice, and I prefer being able to watch them through TiVo so I can pause it when I need to laugh extra hard and don't want to miss the next line.

Community.  The characters are just so damn good.  I love how this show has developed.  It started off as a Joel McHale vehicle, but is now truly an ensemble show.  I love whenever Shirley says "I'm a grown-ass woman."  I love anything Troy and Abed do.  I love that people come to find Jeff in the bathroom, and then some nerd finds Britta in there.  I love that Malcolm Jamal Warnar guest stars as Shirley's ex-husband, and I really love when Jeff compliments Andre's sweater and Andre responds "My dad gave it to me."  Precious.
     An overall review of this episode is tough for me.  I just want to say "squueeee" and "hearts."  I loved it.  I love all of them, it doesn't matter what they do.  I think they have wonderfully developed characters, and they tell good stories.  I couldn't remember how Jeff knew Rich, but I was actually glad that they didn't tell me.  I knew they had met last season, and that was good enough to get me through the story.

Parks and Recreation. It was like hanging out with an old friend again.  They did a recap at the beginning and I sort of wanted them to just get to it, but then I remembered not everyone watches it with as much regularity as I do.  It was almost perfect.  Poor Jerry.  I think it's hilarious how mean they are to Jerry.  It seems to be for no reason, but also, there's probably a damn good reason.  Leslie throws his beautiful painting into the lake.  Later, for no reason, she takes his coffee out of his hand and throws it in the trash.  He's trying to be the one positive person when Ben tells the department they will be in maintenance mode and everyone just yells at him: "Jerry!"  Greatness.
     I love Andy Dwyer.  He's so sweet and clueless.  "If you're trying to tell me something, I don't know what it is, because you won't call me back."  Chris Pratt nails that character.  I love the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.  Ron Swanson is awesome.  I also love how we know Lucy is pissed at Tom, even though we only saw her for about a nano-second.
     The one part where I got a little squishy is when Leslie starts to going on about the plan and she blames it on Ann.  I felt like she could have covered it better.  It works itself out, kind of, so it was ok.  I suppose it forces Ann to talk to Chris, and admit to him she likes him.  And she admits why she went along with it, and that makes her seem like an even better person.  It was sweet and honest: "Leslie came up with the idea, and I love her, so I went along."  Simple.  Ok, I feel better about it now.

     "Our budget's been slashed to zero. I tried to buy fertilizer the other day for the soccer field... request denied. We literally can't buy shit."  It's hilarious, and I like that she uses literally correctly.  If you try to look up the best quotes from the episode, you end up reading the script.    And if you try to discuss all your favorite scenes with your friend over G-Chat, you pretty much recount the entire episode.  It's great.  Watch it.  Go Big or Go Home.

30 Rock.  I wonder if or how the new time slot will change the show.   But I shouldn't think about that part too much.  I agree with Liz and her new years resolution: "Yes to staying in more!"  Classic mix-ups are great, and I love that they accidentally got married.  It seems like some people think that Jack and Liz should end up together, but they shouldn't.  I was a little confused as to why it had to be divorce papers and not an annulment, but I guess that's just semantics really.  There were papers to be signed, and that was leverage.  Everyone had some sort of marriage troubles.   
     I also heart Cheyenne Jackson's character, Danny.  I wish he were around more, though I do like that Kenneth pointed out they just forgot he still worked there.  Awesome.  It's also great when he slips into his Canadian accent just a little bit.  I like how Liz doesn't actually know what's going on with them, so when Jenna makes a declarative statement about marriage and Danny or whatever it is, Liz and Pete just kind of assume it's Jenna being crazy.  There's a simple "huh" and they move on.
     Again, attempting to review the episode just makes me want to watch it again.  The scene where Liz goes on TV to announce a $5 million donation to NY Public Schools was fantastic.  "We know what art is.  It's paintings of horses."  (Side note:  I really enjoyed when Jack calls Liz Elizabeth.  It was pitch perfect.)  And the voice!  The voice!  "What was that voice?" "That was my imitation of Drew Barrymore's impression of that crazy lady."  Awesome.  "Your plan worked, I fired her and brought up slavery."  "I knew I could count on you."  "This isn't my first rodeo."  "I've been to a rodeo too.  It was a cat rodeo.  In a gay guy's apartment."  I love their back and forth and their one-up-manship.  I also really like Sherri Shepherd as Angie Jordan.  That show would be a massive hit!  
     I am probably unable to give a fair review of 30 Rock.  I will always think anything it does is hilarious.  Tina Fey is a comic genius, so if there is a joke I don't laugh at, it's because I'm stupid.  It's been said before, and it's true: she could shit in a bucket and I'd think it was hilarious.  And it would be too.  

The rest of the Thursday night line up (Perfect Couples, The Office, and Outsourced) don't get reviewed.  Perfect Couples is new; I'm not convinced yet.  It's decent filler though, and gives me time to get a snack.  I've lost interest in The Office, though I'll watch it now that it's between shows and since it's Steve Carell's last season.  Eff Outsourced.  I don't watch it.  I pretend nothing at all happens in the world after 30 Rock is over.

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