Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coffee as Magic

     I believe in the powers of coffee.  I believe it can fix most of my problems. This stems directly from most of my problems being caused by too few hours in a day and a lack of sleep.  When making decisions about going to bed at a reasonable hour, or staying awake, my go-to solution is to stay up, and just have as much coffee as I possibly can.
     Then morning comes and it feels like there isn't enough coffee in the world.  This, of course, won't stop me from believing in it.  I'm sure it creates a vicious cycle, but I'm going to engage it anyway.  The odd weekend schedule combined with daylight savings threw me off a little bit.  I went to bed at 2 am on Sunday night/Monday morning.  6 am really is just four hours after that.  I wasn't as miserable as I had the potential to be, and I used the healing powers of coffee to make me right with the world.
     Last night, I just had too many chores to finish and too many ideas to write down.  It was between 10 and 11 at night when I stood next to my freshly made bed, looking at it, contemplating my choices.  Sure, I could crawl in now, turn the light off, go to sleep, and be only slightly better rested.  Or, I could just power through.  I can plug my ear buds into my writing machine (Yes, it's a computer.  I like to call it a writing machine.), crank up the Pandora, and write out the things that are in my head.  I have sketches to write- funny ideas that need to be on the page instead of in my head.  And when morning comes, I'll just drink more coffee.  Problem solved.
     Morning came.  I wasn't that excited about the morning, but the coffee was calling for me.  I knew I'd need a little extra kick this morning to get me threw the entire day, so I fired up the espresso machine.  Yes.  This was like getting an IV to combat dehydration instead of just drinking gatorade.  This would get me through.  Then I spend the rest of the day drinking the diner quality coffee at the office.  It's not good, but it's there.  It's a lesser brand of magic, but it's magic nonetheless.  (Like David Copperfield doing the detachable thumb gag.)
     There's a moment each day in the late morning where I start to doubt my magic coffee wisdom.  Maybe I should actually try sleeping more.  Maybe I should drink more water, eat more fiber, exercise more ever, and really attempt a balanced life.  Whoops, I almost drifted off just thinking about it.  Coffee.  That is the answer. 

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