Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lunch Hour Shenanigans

It was the type of stuff that happens in bad movies.  Most of today's post is lifted directly from an email I sent to a friend immediately after all of this happened.  A little bit of background though: yesterday I received an email alert from my back concerned about irregular activity on my bank card- the card would be blocked from further use until I personally verified the charges and then jumped up my own ass.  I checked my account online and everything was legit.  I called the number per the email, but something didn't seem quite right.  While on the phone I attempted to re-login to my account to verify the alert had been sent by them.  Their site was down.  I told the representative on the phone I would deal with it in the bank, because I wasn't comfortable giving my info over the phone.  The bank closes before I get home from work, so I had to go on my lunch hour today.

I approach the bank at the same time as the oldest woman in the world. As much as I wanted to push her out of the way, I don't.

I wait in line behind her. It takes a log time. Finally it's my turn with the teller. I explain the whole story and add that now I'm using my lunch hour to deal with this. He tells me to sign up to talk to a personal banking specialist.


I sign in. I use English.

About 1 minute goes by and a douche in a suit walks up to the clip board and says "Ok. We have Na-nay?" I look around and clearly he's talking to me. "Nancy" I say. Hey says "I can't read this. It looks like Na-nay or something."  He looks around for a person who could be named Na-nay, but I'm the only person in the waiting area.  He concedes, shakes my hand, and tells me to head down to his desk. 

I am now livid (on the inside- outside I'm just peeved). We go to his desk and I tell him I just need the card unblocked. He reads me the account activity and I say yes, those are all good. He calls the card unblocker people. It takes a few minutes but it gets unblocked.

"What about all the debits that were supposed to come out today while it was blocked? Will I have to contact those merchants?"

He looks at the screen in front of him and says yes, the gym didn't go through so I'd have to call them, but the rest should be good. I told him if there were any late charges I'd be back. Then he tried to sell me a credit card.

And you'd think that'd be enough to make an exciting wasted lunch hour, but no. As I leave the bank I get a phone call from a delivery service not being able to leave a package. Well, I am right around the corner. Is he close, because I can meet him there?

Indeed he is, so I run to my house.  I am not a good runner- this is quite painful actually.  I almost miss him again, but was able to let out a "I think that's for me" as I got to the door and he was calling whoever he calls. He gave me my new Lucinda Williams CD and drove away.

Then I called the gym I go to, which should have been easy but it was hard. Their number isn't on the Internet because they just changed names. I found it on my old keytag waiting for thee train.

I'm still on the train now. It's delayed due to mechanical problems. Of course it is.

2 hours out of my life I'll never get back, but at least I got my new Lucinda  CD.

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